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Rhetoric to Reality: the Urgency of Health Reform
On December 11, Partnership for Prevention hosted a major forum on health reform in Washington DC, featuring discussion from some of the most influential players in health care. The event was co-sponsored by AARP's Divided We Fail, the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease and the Emory Institute for Advanced Policy Solutions.

More than 220 attendees participated in "Rhetoric to Reality: The Urgency of Health Reform" where leaders from business, health care, media, and Capitol Hill talked about what is at stake for health reform in 2009 in light of the changes in Congress and the Administration, and how feasible it will be to build consensus for comprehensive reform.
David Broder, who participated in the first panel entitled "The Appetite and Atmosphere for Health Sector Transformation," wrote about the event in his column in The Washington Post , reflecting on the breadth of support for reform among all stakeholders in health care as represented by speakers at the event: "Today, [the] status quo has become unendurable for almost everyone. The budgets of families, businesses and government at all levels are being wrecked by the rising cost of health care."

Click here to watch videos of the forum.