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Cholesterol Screening
US Preventive Services Task Force Recommendation

Screen routinely for lipid disorders among all men aged 35+ and all women aged 45+. Also screen men aged 20-35 and women aged 20-45 if they have other risk factors for coronary heart disease. Treat with lipid-lowering drugs to prevent the incidence of cardiovascular disease.
USPSTF Rating: "A" Recommendation (men 35+ and women 45+ yrs) and "B" Recommendation (men 20-35 and women 20-45 yrs)


  • 21% of adults age 35+ have high cholesterol. Of these, most will develop high cholesterol before age 55.1
  • One out of 4 adults who do not control their high cholesterol will have a cholesterol-attributable heart attack. One out of 3 will die of cholesterol-attributable coronary heart disease.2
  • Long-term use of therapies is necessary to achieve maximum benefits of screening

This service has two Technical Reports, one for middle-aged adults and one for high-risk adults. These reports include details on the literature used and approach taken to estimate this service’s health impact and cost effectiveness.
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  2. Maciosek, M. V.; Edwards, N. M.; Nelson, W. W., et al. Screening for high cholesterol. Tecnical report prepared for the National Commission on Prevention Priorities. 2007.